Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look for our Ad

We just signed up to advertise in the next three issues of the Boston Review. The first ad will be in the March/April issue and highlight the most recent book we published: Mortal by Ivy Alvarez.

Chris, Dennis and I keep having a conversation about how to get our authors' books in front of as many people as possible. Advertising seemed like a next logical step.

If you're a small press or self-publisher that's thinking of advertising, here's some advice:

1) Advertise where your audience is: Before you reserve ad space in a publication, find out who reads it and be sure you can imagine them reading and liking your books.

2) Don't expect immediate (or tangible) results: Repetition is a key part of advertising, and the benefits may not translate into direct sales. Advertising builds awareness and recognition of your brand among readers. It may be a long time down the road before you can tie increased sales to advertising efforts.

3) Support advertising with other marketing efforts: Our Boston Review ad includes our web site address, which links to this blog, which refers to our Boston Review ad. Try to create a "closed-circuit" marketing program.


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